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Team Building Programs

Team Building programs are energizing events which combine fun interaction with a higher level of problem-solving, innovation and strategic planning. They are designed to enhance individual and team growth through experiences that have a strong connection to teamwork, trust and communication. All programs are tailored to meet your goals. Our Team Building events will strengthen the cohesiveness of your group while providing key insights and applicable skill sets.

A Minute 2 Win It!
A Minute 2 Win It! is a series of high-energy tabletop challenges using everyday household items and office supplies. After a fun demo and practice session, each challenge is played and teams are scored accordingly. Great for daytime team building or after dinner entertainment, this fast-paced event will have everyone laughing, cheering and vying to become A Minute 2 Win It! champions.

Group Size: 30 to 1,000+Team Size: 8 to 10Program Length: 2 hours>>More Info

All Bets Are On
All Bets Are On is the most fun, fast-paced, high-energy, high-tech, casino-style team building program in the business. Teams compete in exciting, gaming-themed, tabletop challenges, using playing cards, dice, and dominoes, while rotating through various game stations including Blackjack, Craps, Roulette, and Bingo. Using iPads, participants take on the Slots, Texas Hold'em, Wheel of Fortune, and Virtual Horse Races.

Group Size: 30 to 1000+Team Size: 10Program Length: 2 to 2.5 hours>>More Info

Amazing Chase SmartHunt®
This high-tech corporate Amazing Race-type scavenger hunt is delivered on Apple® iPads® that teams use to access information, answer text questions, take photos, and shoot video. Teams analyze clues while developing the best possible strategy to become the winning team. During the race, teams navigate through a customized route to complete challenges, fun activities, and stunts and encounter Detour Stations and Road Blocks as they race to be the first team to each location.

Group Size: 30 to 1,000+Team Size: 8 to 10 Program Length: 2 to 2.5 hours>>More Info

Art Social
With our Art Social program, your group will combine art and community by collaborating to create a beautiful “paint-by-number” mural during a corporate event or social. Mural sections, paints and brushes are spread throughout the event space at various locations. Our facilitator will encourage participants to take turns contributing their talents to this fun and artistic networking event.

Group Size: 30 to 1,000+Team Size: N/AProgram Length: >>More Info

Bike Build Donation
Bike Build Donation is a worthwhile program that incorporates engaging audio/video clues as well as fun challenges and activities, enabling teams to earn the parts and tools necessary to assemble bikes for children in need. This captivating program will be memorialized by your participants via the photos and videos that they will take throughout the event on the team’s iPad.

Group Size: 30 to 1,000+ Team Size: 10 Program Length: 2 to 2.5 hours>>More Info

Bridge to the Future™
In this exciting corporate team building event, teams work together to build an actual bridge that has the strength to support the weight of a manned golf cart driven across it. There are two amazing aspects of this project. One is that each section of the bridge will be an independent artistic representation of your future mission and goals. The other is that the principal building materials of the structure are cardboard and duct tape! This is truly one of our best team building activities.

Group Size: 30 to 1,000+ Team Size: 8 to 10Program Length: 2 to 2.5 hours>>More Info

Build-a-Raft Competition
Our Build-a-Raft Competition is a high-energy event that ignites your teams’ competitive fire as they work together to build and race their very own makeshift rafts, attempting to earn as many points as possible! Everyone is actively involved throughout, as team members must collaborate to transport their rafts from the start line and launch them in the water. This dynamic team challenge can take place in any suitable body of water and will test their ingenuity, creativity and problem solving skills.

Group Size: 30 to 1,000+Team Size: 8 to 10Program Length: 2 to 2.5 hours>>More Info

Build-a-Wheelchair® is another outstanding charity team building activity. In this fun and worthwhile program, teams use iPads® and our proprietary app to complete tasks to earn the parts and materials necessary to assemble, test, and decorate wheelchairs for donation. This event will touch your teams’ heart and make it an inspiring day that all will remember.

Group Size: 30 to 1,000+ Team Size: 10 Program Length: 2 to 2.5 hours>>More Info

Teams will utilize their creative brainpower to build a working miniature catapult, which will launch small objects when completed. This corporate team building activity has two distinct launch phases, which add to the challenge and fun. The first phase is the "launch-for-distance" competition. The second phase tests "distance-and-accuracy" with team members catching objects at various distances. The pressure to perform is high, as each team attempts to maximize points.

Group Size: 30 to 200+Team Size: 8 to 10Program Length: 2 to 2.5 hours>>More Info

Charity Miniature Golf Course Build
Charity Miniature Golf Course Build is a fun charity team building program where your group will design, construct and play a mini golf course using canned and boxed food items. Working in teams, each hole has a special theme and rules, unique to that hole. After the course has been built, an entertaining tournament ensues with scoring and fun competition. Once completed, the course will be deconstructed and the food donated to a predetermined food bank or similar organization.

Group Size: 30 to 1,000+Team Size: 8 to 10 Program Length: 2 to 2.5 hours>>More Info

Chocolate Architect
During this delicious team building event, your group will design and build a bridge or other themed structure utilizing various candies and chocolate delicacies. Teams compete in a rousing trivia session that enables them to secure items including chocolate cement, decorations and various other candies. After building separate sections of the structure, the teamwork activities shift from competition to collaboration as teams come together to form one large, themed masterpiece!

Group Size: 30 to 1,000+Team Size: 10Program Length: 2 to 2.5 hours>>More Info

City SmartHunts®
City SmartHunts® are the ultimate technology-driven scavenger hunts. Your group will experience the interactive features of our SmartHunts app on Apple® iPads® that utilize text messaging, audio, video, FaceTime®, social media, QR codes, and GPS with built-in mapping to produce the coolest hunts ever! SmartHunts® have two-way messaging so teams are connected with the SmartHunts Master who tracks them using GPS and monitors photos and scoring from the teams during the hunt.

Group Size: 30 to 750+Team Size: 8 to 10Program Length: 2 to 2.5 hours>>More Info

Competition to Collaboration™
Two teams work toward the successful completion of competitive and challenging team building activities. Operating in separate areas, Team 1 is engaged in a timed, three activity montage. Team 2 is working on a points- based activity. In both activities, the focus is continuous improvement and setting an unbeatable benchmark. Next, teams are given an unexpected directive: to openly divulge information and strategies, which will position the other team to outperform their benchmark.

Group Size: 30 to 500+Team Size: 8 to 10Program Length: 2 to 2.5 hours>>More Info

Corporate Survivors
Corporate Survivors is a riveting and competitive team building event that will test the full measure of your teams’ abilities. Loosely fashioned after the hit reality show, it challenges your tribal group to survive a series of unique and challenging tasks, which incorporate communication, strategizing, leadership and trust. The various events may have you racing against the stopwatch, designing and building, managing the unexpected and direct head-to-head competition with another tribe!

Group Size: 30 to 1,000+Team Size: 10 to 15Program Length: 2 to 2.5 hours>>More Info

Corporate Training Game Show
Corporate Training Game Show is an effective way to evaluate employee retention with the use of questions based on your company’s product, history, philosophy, and management. It’s a fact! The best way to learn anything is to make learning fun. Find out how much information your employees have retained with a fun, exciting game show. Your teams compete on a professional set with player podiums, buzzers, sound effects and lots of fun audience response keypads.

Group Size: 30 to 1,000+Team Size: 8 to 10Program Length: 1.5 hours>>More Info

Game Show Mania
Game Show Mania is our team building version of the classic Jeopardy-style TV game show. This is the perfect team builder to motivate your employees or as an evening entertainment event following a dinner. We bring you all the high-spirited fun and excitement of a live television game show to your event space, with your group cheering on teams. Guided by a team captain and supported by the audience’s energy and enthusiasm, one team’s knowledge will catapult them to the winner’s circle.

Group Size: 30 to 1,000+Team Size: 8 to 10Program Length: 1.5 hours>>More Info

Go-Kart Competition
This fast-paced corporate team building event promotes collaboration to achieve a common goal. Team members must work together in their various roles if they are to revel in the winner’s circle. After electing a Pit Crew boss, each crewmember will be assigned the tasks of designing, planning, constructing or decorating their people-powered racecar. With budgeting, bartering and build time added to the mix, teams are challenged to develop and produce a medal-winning vehicle.

Group Size: 50 to 1,000+Team Size: 8 to 10Program Length: 2 to 2.5 hours>>More Info

Igniting Team Performance!™
“Igniting Team Performance!” creates a positive, energized atmosphere where everyone participates throughout the event. Over the years, we have developed and refined dozens of team building activities comprised of icebreakers, energizers, and problem solving initiatives. This program is a combination of the most impactful team and leadership development solutions in the industry to enhance communication skills, promote the bonding of teams and strengthen relationships.

Group Size: 30 to 2,000+Team Size: 8 to 10Program Length: 2 to 2.5 hours>>More Info

Let the Games Begin
This fun and engaging team building tournament combines high-energy competition with moderate athletic ability, allowing for full and active participation. After a group warm-up, your very own VIP will light the “Torch of Teamwork” and the games begin. With high-energy music and the stellar voice of the play-by-play announcer, teams will rotate through various challenges including Wacky Relays, Flatland Skis and more in an attempt to win the Gold, Silver or Bronze medals.

Group Size: 30 to 1,000+Team Size: 8 to 15 Program Length: 2 to 2.5 hours>>More Info

Pipeline is a synergistic team building event where participants will build a marble delivery system – that will all be connected for an incredible ending display of creativity, precision, and execution. With teams collaborating to carefully plan each stage of their building strategy, every participant is given the opportunity to contribute in the concept, design, purchasing and production of the group’s incredible machine.

Group Size: 30 to 1,000+Team Size: 8 to 10Program Length: 2 to 2.5 hours>>More Info

Shark Showdown
Based on the hit TV show Shark Tank, the key to success in this fun, fast-paced, team building event is creativity and execution. Teams will be given the challenge of fulfilling a public need by creating a product for the sharks – otherwise known as your bosses! Teams will need to use creativity, ingenuity, and some mechanical skills to design and build their new product and marketing campaign for the sharks to judge. Organization and delegation are the key elements in this competition.

Group Size: 30 to 200+Team Size: 10Program Length: 2 to 2.5 hours>>More Info

Speed Networking
This engaging get-to-know-you event incorporates a series of fun and challenging icebreaker activities, which are conducted in small table group rotations. After every 10 to 15 minute challenge, teams are reformed and a new challenge begins, allowing for maximum networking opportunities. Truly speed networking at its best, this team building program is a fun and engaging way to strengthen bonds and encourage more open and respectful workplace interactions.

Group Size: 30 to 1,000+Team Size: 6 to 10Program Length: 2 to 2.5 hours>>More Info

Spy Academy
After being greeted by our Spy Master at the Intelligence training Center, your group will be formed into Spy Teams and briefed on the challenges they must face in this high-stakes game of espionage. Spy Academy is a high-tech version of a Spy School team building event featuring our proprietary apps and iPad® challenges including Online Code Breakers, Photographic Memory, and more! Teams also compete at mission stations involving Mental and Physical Challenges.

Group Size: 30 to 1,000+Team Size: 8 to 10Program Length: 2 hours>>More Info

Survey Says...
Survey Says brings all the high-spirited fun and excitement of a live television game show to you. This energizing corporate team building version of Family Feud is perfect for motivating employees or for an evening entertainment event. Our unique design keeps everyone involved throughout the show, regardless of your group size and can also be used as a training tool or a corporate give back program.

Group Size: 30 to 1,000+Team Size: 8 to 10Program Length: 1.5 hours>>More Info

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